The South Augusta Football Club is the oldest running football club in Port Augusta and has more than 400 members. They have 9 teams participating in the Spencer Gulf Football League ranging from Under 9’s to A grade, plus our newly developed Auskick program for the little tackers!


South Augusta Football Club have won 16 A grade premierships since 1912, those were in the years.

1918, 1928, 1938, 1939, 1942, 1964, 1981, 1983, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018

The South Augusta A grade side has played in 26 other grand finals since 1912 which they unfortunately lost, adding that together means they have played in 42 grand finals throughout their 106 years. This is approximately a 40% success rate with making it to the grand final every year.

The A grades most recent grand final win in 2018 against Sollys was where they won their third premiership in a row and went throughout the year undefeated!

Since the SGL was formed in 1961, South Augusta has played in 21 grand finals where they won 11 of the premiership titles, making a Grand final on average every 3 years in the SGL.

Since 1961 and the start of the SGL, South Augusta have finished in the finals rounds 40 times in 58 years giving them a nearly 70% success rate. In the last 20 years we have finished in one of the top 3 positions 16 times.

South’s have also won 26 B grade Premierships since 1912, the last being in 2018.

Known as South’s best ever grand final game was in 1964 where there was a 12 team competition. Coached by Trevor Searle, the grandfather of current player Ryan Struck. They played Port in a nail biting clash, where South’s come off on top by just 2 points! Scores: South’s 11-17 (83) to Port 11-15 (81).

There have been over 200 players who have played in A grade premierships for the club.

Out of all the players who played in any of the the 1993, 1994, 2000, 2006 and 2012 Premiership sides, 75% of these started their football careers playing juniors for South’s.


Magarey Medallist recipient from 1938-1942, Jeff Pash played for South’s and participated in 2 Premierships. Ron Curyer won the Mail Medal in 1938 and 1939, he was also a player in the premiership sides for those years.

A Grade Madigan Medallists for Souths include Bill Virgo 1967 and 1969, Pat Hynes 1980, Craig Cock 1981, Shaun McLennan 1993, Keiron Keeler 2001, Ryan Struck 2010, Lee Schmidt 2012,  Mathew Downey 2016, Aziel Stuart 2018 and Darcy Kildea 2017/2019.

South Augusta players who have been the SGL leading goal kickers include, Brendan Colson, Bradley Amos, Mick Vanvacas, David Shillabeer and Lionel Brown.

Kevin Harris holds South’s record for winning the most Best and Fairest awards with 5 awards.

Outstanding players for the club who have been nominated for the Port Augusta Anniversary Team include David Williams, Barry Stephenson, Rod Lamshed, Bill Virgo, Ray Hanrahan, Pat Hynes, Anthony Anno, Robert Rozee, Kevin Harris and Robert Farr.

Officials and players who made the Port Augusta Hall of Fame include; Pat Hynes, David Williams, Bill Virgo, Rod Lamshed ,Barry Stephenson, Jeff Shillabeer, Jarrod Waterworth, Norm Brealey, Mark Shirley, Brian Shillabeer, Harry Waterworth, Val Waterworth, Leo Nowak, Sid Williams, Harold Bowman, Les Kittel, Norm Brealey, Jeff Shillabeer, Robert Bowman, Ray Hanrahan and Bruce Curtis.


There are 11 known players who have played for South Augusta as juniors and progressed to play within the SANFL. They are Darren Shillabeer (North Adelaide), David Shillabeer (Norwood), Michael Fuller (Woodville), Michael Corey (Woodville), Robert Rozee (South Adelaide), Grant Fuller (South Adelaide), Jared Rivers (North Adelaide), Josh Coulter (North Adelaide), Ron Curyer (South Adelaide), Connor Rozee (North Adelaide) and Harry Kernahan (Glenelg)

South Augusta players who have been drafted into the AFL include Bryan Bienke (Adelaide Crows), Jared Rivers (Melbourne), Luke Taylor (Melbourne), Josh Coulter (Adelaide Crows) and most recently Connor Rozee (Port Adelaide)


South’s have had 55 A grade coaches since 1912 with Pat Hynes coaching 7 years and Gary Kernahan coaching the most with 8.

South’s have had 36 Presidents in their 107 years, Dave Barry was President for a club record of 15 years and Bruce Curtis was President for a close 9 years. The club has had one female President, Suzanne McKell proudly stepped up during the years 2006 and 2007.


A total of 1,600 players have played either A Grade or B Grade for the club since 1912.

160 players have played over 100 senior games for the club.

22 players have played over 200 senior games.

Only 8 players have played over 300 senior games for the club. Our record holder is Gary Kernahan who has played a whopping 338 games throughout his South Augusta Football Club career.